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Who Tells Your Story?

Who Tells Your Story? Exhibition Open House
Thursday, January 18, from 5 to 7 p.m.
Utah State Capitol, 
4th floor

 This exhibition provides an opportunity for everyone to engage in the conversation surrounding “Hamilton: An American Musical” when it arrives in Utah this spring. The open house will include remarks by Governor Gary R. Herbert and a performance by The BBoy Federation.

This exhibition explores the varied ways that people of Utah have documented their lives throughout history. There are many media that can be used to tell a story, and these are just a few ways that Utahns have chosen to share their experiences.

Here are a few examples from the exhibition:

Mot Yatabe and Mitsie Ozeki met and fell in love inside the Topaz Internment Camp. While Mot was living in Topaz, he was drafted into the US Army to serve as a translator. He wrote often to Mitsie, while he was away. In his letters, Mot would write about his life during training, and about how much he missed her while he was away. These letters provide a glimpse into the life of a Japanese-American soldier during World War II.

Ruby Chacon’s paintings play with identity, story, and geography. Her layered identity as a Chicana, Mexikana, Mestiza, Spanish, Pueblo, Apache, American and Utahna influence her artwork. Her story is firmly rooted in Utah, and she explores the struggles and achievements of the women who came before her. She confronts her viewers with the idea that who tells your story often changes who the villains, heroes, and victims are.

Spy Hop’s film class, REEL Stories, engages Utah students between the ages of 15 and 19 in creating five-minute documentary films that tell their stories to the world. The videos document and record stories that are important to the lives of the film makers, and that they want to share with the world. These teens have used film for its direct, first-person vantage to tell their stories.