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This year AmeriCorps, the Domestic Peace Corps, will engage more than 80,000 Americans nationwide in intensive, results-driven service in the areas of education, healthy futures, environmental stewardship, disaster services, economic opportunity and veterans and military families. The Commission currently manages 5 programs operating throughout the state with over 1000 members. These members mobilize more than 45,000 volunteers (up from 13,000 in 2010) who tutor and mentor youth, connect under-served populations to health care resources and provide healthcare services to those populations, clean and tend parks and streams, teach environmental stewardship, and operate after school programs. These volunteers gave over 266,000 hours of service with an estimated value of over $4.8 million dollars in 2011.

UServeUtah is designated as the state service commission and administers the AmeriCorps national service portfolio in Utah. UServeUtah works with other National Service programs to provide Utahns of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to strengthen their communities through service.  Through its programs, National Service provides opportunities for Americans to make an ongoing, intensive commitment to service.  National Service Programs Include:

Through its programs, The Corporation for National and Community Service provides opportunities for Americans to make an ongoing, intensive commitment to service.

AMERICORPSsometimes referred to as “the domestic Peace Corps,” engages Americans of all ages and backgrounds in results-driven service.  AmeriCorps programs offer full and part-time opportunities for members to serve in their communities through local organizations and agencies.

AmeriCorps*State and National: AmeriCorps supports a broad range of local service programs that engage thousands of Americans in intensive service to meet critical community needs. UServeUtah administers the AmeriCorps program in Utah. More than three-quarters of AmeriCorps grant funding goes to Governor-appointed state service commissions, such as UServeUtah, which in turn awards and monitor grants to hundreds of nonprofit groups and agencies. The other quarter goes to national nonprofits that operate in more than one state. For further information and/or application materials, please contant UServeUtah at 1-888-755-UTAH (8824).

UServeUtah administers the AmeriCorps*State National Service Portfolio in Utah.  These programs recruit members for a variety of projects in various locations around the state. The AmeriCorps commitment is for up to one year, but varies depending on the program.

AmeriCorps members receive a modest living allowance or stipend, health coverage, and child care assistance for those who qualify. Participants are also eligible for an educational award of up to $5,645 at the end of their term of service (the actual award amount varies depending on the number of hours served). This award can be used for tuition or past educational loans. The Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is distributed through the national trust. For more information on the education award, visit the Ed Award page.

Each program is responsible for recruiting their own members and each program has its own application process and timeline.

UServeUtah works with other national service programs to provide Utahns a variety of opportunities to strengthen their communities through service.

AmeriCorps*VISTA : For more than 40 years VISTA has provided full-time members to opportunity to create and expand programs that build capacity and ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty.  To apply for an AmeriCorps*VISTA grant, please contact the Corporation for National and Community Service Utah State Office at (801) 524-5411.

AmeriCorps*NCCC: The AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps is a full-time residential program for men and women aged 18-24 that strengthens communities while developing leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. The AmeriCorps*NCCC Pacific Region Campus based in Sacramento accepts applications from nonprofit and public agencies to host an AmeriCorps*NCCC team (typically 10-12 members) for 6-8 weeks to assist with high-impact, but short-term projects. For further information and/or application materials, click here.

SENIOR CORPS, offers a network of programs that tap the rich experience, skills and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges. To learn more about Senior Corps and how your organization may be able to partner, contact the Corporation for National and Community Service Utah State Office at (801) 524-5411.

  • Foster Grandparents: Connects volunteers age 60 and over with children and young people with exceptional needs.
  • Senior Companion Program: Brings together volunteers age 60 and over with adults in their community who have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living.
  • RSVP: offers “one stop shopping” for all volunteers 55 and over who want to find challenging, rewarding, and significant service opportunities in their local communities.


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