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Disaster Services

Volunteers and donations are vital to disaster response and recovery. UServeUtah is proud to be the lead agency for the Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team (VDCT)  for the Utah Division of Emergency Management, State Emergency Response Team, coordinating volunteers and donations in a disaster. Along with our partner organizations and countless volunteers, UServeUtah helps Utahns pick up the pieces when disaster strikes. 


As the lead agency for the VDCT, UServeUtah:

  • Provides training and presentations on volunteer and donations management
  • Coordinates with Utah Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and local and state government emergency management agencies to meet volunteer and donation needs
  • Coordinates with 2-1-1 to ensure the general public has knowledge of volunteer and donations needs
  • Operates the web-based Utah Volunteer and Donations Page
  • Provides staffing during activation of the State Emergency Operations Center
  • Collects data on voluntary agency activities for statewide reporting and dissemination
  • Provides training and presentations on the roles of government and nongovernmental organizations in disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation

The organizations and programs listed below are great tools for engaging in emergency preparedness and disaster service. Want to know more about volunteering or donating in a disaster, visit our reference page first!


Want to know how you can help or donate after a disaster? Visit the Emergency Info Utah page to find ways to volunteer and donate in times of disaster.  Emergency Info Utah (click for how to help)volunteers in disasters
Utah Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) Print

VOAD is made up of various organizations, having a state-wide role, that share an interest in collaborating during a disaster. Most of these organizations recruit, train and prepare volunteers in advance of a disaster to serve in vital response and recovery roles.


Be Ready Utah is the emergency preparedness campaign managed by the Division of Homeland Security, it’s a bottom-up approach for preparedness with the focus on every individual’s personal responsibility in preparedness.  Be Ready
be ready
Citizen Corps
Personal preparedness is the best form of protection from the hazards of disasters. Get training in first aid and emergency skills and volunteer to support local emergency responders.

CERT prepares you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a disaster. CERTcert
Fire CorpsFirecorps_bluered Fire Corps allows you to aid firefighters when their resources and manpower are depleted.
Do you have medical training that you would be willing to share in times of trouble? Medical Reserve Corps helps you to keep your skills up and will activate you in a disaster. Medical Reserves Corps


Neighborhood WatchNeigh watch 1

Neighborhood Watch puts you in the driver’s seat to crime prevention in your neighborhood.


Support community law enforcement as volunteers.

Volunteers in Police Service



ESAR-VHP is a national network of state-based registries that allows health professionals the opportunity to get their licenses and credentials verified before a disaster happens.