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Since 1994, UServeUtah has supported hundreds of community-based organizations that are engaging local citizens to address their most pressing needs. UServeUtah administers Utah AmeriCorps programs and awards grants for National Days of Service.

Grant application cycles occur throughout the year related to the various projects, programs and National Days of Service that UServeUtah promotes. Grant funds are usually for non profit organizations, faith-based organizations, government agencies and schools. Grants are usually meant to be used as “seed money” to enhance the capacity of your organization in creating vibrant productive communities with active, engaged citizens.

We look forward to working with you as you strengthen Utah communities through the power of service and volunteerism!

Community Engagement Grants

The Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism improves Utah’s volunteer infrastructure by strengthening existing networks and improving the ability of nonprofits to effectively use volunteers in both short- and long-term roles. The Volunteer Generation Fund has issued grants in past years for Volunteer Management Training as well as National Days of Service including MLK Day and 9/11.  Our purpose is to raise public awareness of volunteerism and generate interest in service.

MLK Day of Service Grant
9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance Grant

AmeriCorps State Program Grants

AmeriCorps Utah logo

The Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism accepts applications for the operation of Utah State*AmeriCorps programs.  AmeriCorps provides support to nonprofits, community organizations, and public agencies committed to addressing critical issues in areas such as education, public safety, health, economic opportunity, the environment and other human needs.  Grantees and sponsoring organizations are responsible for recruiting, selecting, and managing members.  Program operation will begin in Fall of 2017. The application process will be explained in detail in mandatory AmeriCorps Funding Technical Assistance Meetings. Those interested in applying must attend one meeting. Further information is available on our AmeriCorps Grant Overview page.