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2015-2016 Volunteer Pledge Drive

Utah has led the nation in volunteerism for 10 consecutive years. We’d like you to join us in celebrating Utah’s continued commitment to service by joining Pledge10 to volunteer beyond what you’re already doing in your community in 2016. We want to make this our biggest and best year of service yet as we reach out to one another, do a little bit of good, and watch the world change.

Here are some examples of ways you can Pledge10:

  1. Pledge nowAs a family, serve 10 neighbors by shoveling their driveway, making them a treat, or fixing a fence.
  2. As a family, serve 10 aging adults by visiting a care facility or elderly neighbor.
  3. As a faith-based or community organization, gather 10 people to complete a service project together.
  4. As a faith-based or community organization, plant at least 10 trees together.
  5. As a school, adopt 10 organizations to benefit throughout the year.
  6. As class, collect 10 pounds of clothing or food per month to donate to food banks and/or homeless shelters.
  7. As a company, commit 10 employees to volunteer for a particular organization or cause during the year.
  8. As a company, offer employees 10 hours per quarter to volunteer for an organization of their choice.
  9. As an individual, commit to volunteer for an organization at least 10 times throughout the year.
  10. As an individual, challenge 10 people to volunteer with you or host a competition to see who can be the first to volunteer 10 times in 2016.

Or develop your own creative pledge idea and share it with us!

Share your service stories on social media! #Pledge10Utah