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On-Going Volunteer Recognition Certificate Program


The proper recognition of volunteers is an important component in any volunteer program, large or small. With ongoing issues relating to volunteer retention nationwide and in all types of organizations, UServeUtah encourages some form of appropriate volunteer recognition. To that end, the Commission is now awarding volunteer recognition certificates to Utahn’s for outstanding contributions to local communities.  The Lt. Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate is aimed at recognizing just a few of the many volunteers helping to make Utah a better state, while promoting and inspiring further ongoing volunteer efforts.


The following criteria must be met for the volunteer to receive a Volunteer Recognition Certificate. Organizations may not nominate themselves. Nominations must come from the organization for which service was performed. All submissions must be accompanied by a narrative statement that describes the nominee’s service activities and how those activities strengthen their community.  Narratives should be no longer than 250 words. Volunteers with identical, generic narratives will not be issued certificates. Please write unique narratives for each volunteer (For questions related to this, please contact Katie Barlow). One time or short-term volunteers (unless otherwise noted) are not eligible.

Achievement – The nomination must reflect the actual accomplishments achieved through voluntary service.

Community Needs – The voluntary community service must address unmet human, educational, environmental or public safety needs.

Ongoing Involvement – The voluntary community service must be ongoing rather than a one-time activity, with the exception of outstanding service for short-term crisis situations.

  • Service must be performed in Utah
  • Must be a volunteer in the organization of the nominator
  • AmeriCorps members not eligible

Certificate Details

The certificate will recognize Utah residents who demonstrate exemplary volunteer service to their community.  The certificate will be signed by the Lt. Governor and will be distributed by the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism on a monthly basis. Requests for Volunteer Recognition Certificates may be submitted by anyone, and there is no deadline for submission.

Certificates will be processed and mailed out at the end of each month. Please contact us directly if you need a certificate expedited.

Click Here To Nominate A Volunteer

Power of Service Award
Nominees for the Lieutenant Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Certificate will automatically be considered for the Power of Service Award. This award is chosen three times per year. This award is given to a volunteer that shows significant commitment to the overall well-being of the populations for which the volunteer serves. Recipients of the award will be honored by UServeUtah Commissioners at Commission Board meetings with a framed certificate, signed letter by the Lieutenant Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor’s coin. They will also featured in our monthly newsletter, on social media, as well as in a press release.

To submit an application please click on the link above. For questions, contact the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism Volunteer Recognition Coordinator, Ruqia Qasim, at (801) 245-7222 or