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Spontaneous Volunteer Management

Spontaneous Volunteer Management:

Setting up a Volunteer Coordination Center

The purpose of this training is to provide local municipalities with best practices and materials, in order to prepare local communities to handle the management of spontaneous or unaffiliated volunteers in times of disasters (SVM). This training will also allow local municipalities the opportunity to self identify with the state, those individuals that are prepared to manage spontaneous volunteers if a larger event were to occur where their skill sets could be called upon.

spontaneous volunteersVolunteers – sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands – show up to help after a disaster, bringing skills, energy and compassion to the relief effort. This training seeks to help local communities plan for the coordination of spontaneous and unaffiliated volunteers during disaster recovery efforts.

Each municipality in attendance will receive a “Go-Kit” that will contain all the materials necessary to initially stage a Volunteer Coordination Center or VCC. Local municipalities including towns, cities, and counties should identify key players to serve as VCC Managers as well as VCC teams. It is recommended that municipalities send at least 3 individuals to this training and up to 5 individuals per locality. Tuition for each municipality team is $125. This fee covers the training materials, lunch, a snack and a go kit. The go-kit alone has a value of over $200.

It is highly recommended that the emergency manager or at least one individual who attends be familiar with NIMS and ICS as well as the local emergency plan in order to provide context to the other individuals in attendance from a specific locality. Materials are derived from FEMA and Points of Light training materials which incorporate knowledge of emergency management with knowledge of volunteer management to create a cohesive and usable set of skills for volunteer managers.

Topics in the training will include: Disaster Basics, Intro to Spontaneous Volunteers, Intro to Risk Management, National Service and Disasters, Affiliated Volunteers, Virtual Management of Volunteers, VCC Exercise.

For more information on these training opportunities, please contact Karrie Beardall at This training is being conducted in coordination with DEM and the Utah Volunteer and Donations Coordination team (VDCT).

2016 Training Opportunities

February 25, 2016
Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, 3131 Mike Jense Parkway, Provo UT
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Cost $125 per team of 3-5 individuals
Register on U-Train with course number 104990