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A primary aim of the Commission is to help organizations effectively use service and volunteerism as a strategy to fulfill their mission and to address critical community problems. UServeUtah does this by providing successful statewide trainings that ensure organizations are prepared to use volunteers effectively.

View our calendar for all upcoming trainings.

Volunteer Management Training

Volunteers are the heart of many nonprofits and are often vital to an organization’s success, but many volunteer managers are not given the tools necessary. UServeUtah’s Volunteer Management Training will help you manage your volunteers in a way that brings out the best in them. Attendees will be trained on the “how to” of effective volunteer management including recruiting, interviewing, training, motivating, and recognizing volunteers.

Spontaneous Volunteer Management Training

The purpose of the Spontaneous Volunteer Management Training is to provide local municipalities with best practices and materials, in order to prepare local communities to handle the management of spontaneous or unaffiliated volunteers in times of disasters (SVM). This training will also allow local municipalities the opportunity to self identify with the state those individuals that are prepared to manage spontaneous volunteers if a larger event were to occur where their skill sets could be called upon.

Donations Management Training

Coming soon! Training designed to provide best practices to local municipalities on the effective handling of donations in relation to donations management (DMT) in times of disasters.