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You Got SERVED! Pay It FORWARD! Pass It On!

Get involved in your community and impact the lives of others by volunteering! Then challenge your friends and family to do the same.

It’s easy to SERVE your friends. Just print out the “You Got SERVED” card and start handing them out!

Find an Opportunity:

Finding a way to contribute to the community is easy. Check out this resource to find an opportunity in your own backyard. Volunteer opportunities range from one-time events to weekly commitments and everything in between.

Share your Story:

After you and your friends and family serve, come back to our website and share your story. Tell us how service has made a mark in your life or the lives of those in your community. We are always on the hunt for stories to use on social media, in our annual report, in our newsletter and even in radio or TV public service announcements!

Print “Pay it Forward” Card (multiple)