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Volunteer Management Training


Upcoming Trainings

A complete list of upcoming trainings can be found on our calendar.

About the Course

Many volunteer managers are not given the tools necessary to help them effectively manage their volunteers and volunteer projects. The Volunteer Management Training was created to respond to this need and to improve Utah’s volunteer infrastructure. Attendees are trained on effective volunteer management including recruiting, motivating, and retaining volunteers.

The 2-day training covers 11 modules including Adult Learning Styles, Incorporating Volunteers in the Organizational Strategic Plan, Volunteer Motivation and Retention, Recognition, Supervision and Placement, Writing Volunteer Job Descriptions and more.

Upon completion of the program, coordinators have the necessary skills to:

1. Assess volunteer needs and match those needs with the strategic goals of the organization.

2. Develop relevant, competency-based volunteer roles and opportunities that attract and retain high caliber volunteers to address critical social needs in their communities.

The Volunteer Management Courses consist of the following modules:

  • Volunteer Management and Organizational Assessment
  • Creating a Position Description and Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Interviewing Volunteers
  • Orienting and Training Volunteers
  • Placing and Supervising Volunteers
  • Volunteer Motivation and Retention
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Performance Reviews and Handling Performance Problems
  • Risk Management in Volunteer Programs
  • Volunteer Program Evaluation

For more information, contact Anna Decker at or 801-245-7220