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Sample Volunteer Job Description


Developing New Volunteer Opportunities

Staff Assessment of a Volunteer Program

Assessment of Volunteer Programs (Staff)

Assessment of Volunteer Programs (Admin)

Volunteer Assessment

Assessment of Volunteer Programs (Volunteer)

Engaging Underrepresented Populations Toolkits

Five Reasons to Recruit Senior Volunteers
Five Reasons to Recruit Youth Volunteers
Supporting Family Volunteering
Supporting Senior Volunteering
Why Should I Volunteer With My Family?
Self-Assessment Tool for Engaging Underrepresented Populations in Volunteerism

General Toolkits

Utah: A Culture of Volunteerism
Starting your own Service Project
Advocating for Volunteer Management
National Preparedness Month Presentation
Volunteering your Business Skills at a Nonprofit
Toolkit for Program Sustainability
Engaging Youth Volunteers

Employee Engagement Toolkits

How to Start an Employee Volunteer Program
How to Get Employees Engaged in Volunteer Work
The 7 Practices of Effective Employee Volunteer Programs
How to Pledge 1% of Employee Time
How to Pledge 1% of Product
Points of Light Resources for Companies

National Days of Service and Organized Service Project Toolkits

MLK Day Funding Guide
MLK Day Toolkit
Self Organizing MLK Day Project Ideas
Communicating through Digital and Social Media
Recruiting Boomers and Seniors for Volunteer Projects
Retaining Boomer Volunteers
Volunteer Recruiting
Tips for Retaining Volunteers
Retaining Student Volunteers

Youth and Families Service Toolkits

Youth Service Project Ideas
Family Service Guide

Engaging Youth in Service
Youth Summer Service Project Ideas
GYSD Project Planning Toolkit
GYSD General Project Press Template
55 Environmental Service Projects
Template Letter to State Farm Agents

Disaster Services Toolkits

How to Prepare Your Home
How to Donate Responsibly
How to Do the Greatest Good in a Disaster
55 Ways to Re-Purpose Material Donations