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History of Indian Affairs


The Utah Division of Indian Affairs (UDIA) was created in 1953 when the Utah State Legislature passed the “Indian Affairs Act” creating the Commission on State Indian Affairs. The first director for the UDIA was hired in 1956. The UDIA is currently staffed by the Director, Research Analyst, and Secretary.

The UDIA has mandated functions, powers, duties, rights, and responsibilities under Utah Code Annotated (UCA), Chapter 9: Parts 1, 2, & 3 of the “Indian Affairs Act.”

Scope of Responsibility

Serve as the Indian Affairs authority for the state of Utah under UCA Sec. 9-1-101.

Serve as liaison and promote positive intergovernmental relations with and between Utah Indian Tribes, Office of the Governor, federal and state agencies, and local entities.

Coordinate with the Governor’s office to address Indian Affairs’ issues and develop policies.

Coordinate with the Native American Legislative Liaison Committee to develop Indian legislation and address Indian Affairs’ issues.

Works closely with the Native American Remains Review Committee to determine disposition of human remains found on state or school trust lands.

Monitor Utah and Federal Indian legislation which impacts Utah Indian Tribes and the state of Utah. Develop programs and services, provide alternatives, and implement solutions that will allow Indian citizens an opportunity to share in the progress of the state of Utah.